About Us

At the age of 13 years old I was given a fedora hat. At the time I knew nothing about hats, let alone the fedora. But from that time until now, I have worn the fedora style hat. The hat was a "Mallory 20" by Stetson. That was 56 years ago! And I have come to realize there is just something about the weight of a fine quality hat on your head that makes you feel complete.

This is why we specialize in fine quality vintage hats. Making them available to the young, and older up coming  quality hat enthusiast of the world. Originally from Cleveland Ohio, like in most parts of the country at that time,  hats were just a natural part of a mans attire. As I heard a custom hat maker out of Tennessee once say, "you would see a lot of hats, not a lot of heads". That's the way it was. 

So we enjoy searching for, finding and refreshing vintage hats leaving them as close to their original appeal as possible.

So please join us on our journey in recreating the phrase:

"A Place To Hang Your Hat"